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A Quick Roman Holiday

I am incredibly behind on my posts lately, but we have just been so busy! We just got back from our first free travel, but first I have to get caught up on Rome. We took a three day trip to Rome, and it was so much fun! We started our trip seeing many of the major landmarks like the Trevi Fountain and Pantheon. We also went to the Roman Forum and saw the site of many ancient Roman temples.

Looking out over the Tiber River

One of my favorite experiences was climbing the Colosseum. It was so neat to try to imagine what it looked like with all the marble, painting, and people. We had a small onsite class where we learned about the types of games that were played at the Colosseum, including actual naval battles.



Getting to see the Trevi Fountain was also a very unique experience for me because that was when it hit me that I was actually in Rome, a place that I have studied about and always wanted to visit. It was almost unreal to think that I was actually there. During the day, it was beautiful, but at night, it felt almost magical. We all threw coins into it and were able to sit around it while we enjoyed our gelato.

Apart from seeing all of the incredible architecture and literally walking through the levels of history in the city, I loved getting to experience the culture. For lunch one day, we took a walk through the old Jewish quarter of Rome. There were so many incredible places to eat! We chose a cute kosher fast food place called Fonzie. I got the kosher hotdog and fries. The hotdog was incredible – honestly better than any I’ve had in America! Others in my group got some really good chicken nuggets, burgers, onion rings, and salads. I would highly recommend going here as it wasn’t very busy (or touristy) and it had great service and was pretty quick!


One of my favorite (so far) gelato shops was also here in Rome. It’s called Tiberino le Gelato, on the Island of Tiberino. I really liked this particular gelato shop because they had a variety of interesting flavors. The one I chose was watermelon mint, but the lemon basil was also fantastic as well!


One of the last places we went in Rome was the Galleria Borghese. This place is a true gem when it comes to process sculpture and artwork. While many of the pieces are Renaissance, there are also some original Greek and Roman works as well. My favorite sculpture there is Ratto di Proserpina by Bernini. I really love this one because of how humanistic the sculpture is in the positions of the bodies and movement.



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